Bruce Hanley

An Illuminated Compassion

28th August - 1st October

A Journey of Light through the Heart


I was once asked what my favourite colour was, Black I answered, because all other colours emerge from it and retreat back into it. It is the sum of all other colours. It provides a solidity to white, while allowing it freedom to move, to rest and to hang.

These images represent the journey of light that passes through the lens, the eye, travelling through the heart and is only then accepted by the release of the shutter.


All images have an illuminated quality, a particular point in the image that provides a focus for reflection within us all.

‘An Illuminated Compassion’ is an attempt to draw out the compassion in you, the viewer to the subjects presented here. An innocence present in yourself that you recognise within these chosen works.



For Dennis: My Illuminary


Illuminary: A 'guru', or an extraordinary teacher who illuminates wisdom at an advanced, yet relatable level which inspires others to discover and illuminate their own individual expertise.

Bruce Hanley

Artist Bio

Bruce has had the passion for photography for more than 40 years, his fascination began with old family portraits printed on copper sheet and hand coloured  where he wondered about the stories they told… real and imagined. His philosophy is not so much about “capturing the moment”… rather a ‘release’ of a moment for others to view. Bruce’s influences over the years have been Henri Cartier-Bresson, Harry Callahan, Robert Mapplethorpe and the iconic Brian Brake and Marti Friedlander.

Some would say Bruce is a self-taught artist but he considers his family, friends and fellow artists his tutors, with their encouragement and motivating conversations.

Inspirationally and artistically the West Auckland artist Dennis Housby has over many decades provided a mentorship in the arts and motivationally provided an incubator for thought and expression in Bruce’s own words “second to none”

Bruce feels as an artist and photographer it is not his aim to always provide true and correct images of an object or landscape…or necessarily to ‘document’ a subject… rather he considers his position is to provide an opportunity for thought and interaction with the viewer …a conversation of ideas presented in a photographic media.

Currently studying a Diploma in Digital Photography at the Southern Institute of Technology Bruce is enjoying the opportunity to present his ideas to the viewer through thought provoking and inspiring images.

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