Sigma Amateur Photographer of the Year

July 25, 2018

The 2018 Sigma D-Photo Amateur Photographer of the Year has achieved unprecedented success, with 13,329 photographs entered. The judges have had the mammoth task of sifting through these images, making some very tough decisions along the way.

Taipei by Darryl Carey

July 25, 2018

It’s been 3 years since the Leica Q has been launched.  After 3 years, is the Leica Q still worth the value and money?  Check out my latest YouTube video and decide for yourself.


February 28, 2018

Exhibition by Nikon New Zealand

Copy Of -Made in Japan by Jeff Harris

February 26, 2018

A photographic journey through Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto.

Auckland 2017 by Richard Wong

September 30, 2017

Born in Hong Kong and moved to New Zealand with his family 25 years ago, Richard Wong is a multi-award wedding/portrait photographer based in Auckland.


When not shooting weddings, one of Richard's biggest passion is street photography and he has been doing street photography for around 10 years both locally in New Zealand and also in other countries. In this solo street phonetography exhibition "Auckland 2017", Richard shows you how the streets of Auckland look like from his eyes and his camera. All the photos in this exhibition were shot with the camera on his Huawei P10 smartphone.

The lightning strinking the Auckland's Sky Tower by Sander Groos

August 31, 2017

One day in Tokyo by Darryl Carey

June 30, 2017

A photo series by Darryl Carey. One day in Tokyo, shot on the Leica M240. Unedited photographies.

'Scapes by Susan Blick

May 31, 2017

Susan Blick is a landscape and travel photographer based in Auckland, New Zealand. Susan runs photography workshops in the Auckland area and photo tours to India. She was New Zealand Geographic’s Landscape Photographer of the Year in 2015 and has continued to win awards for her landscape and travel photography, notably Gold Awards in the Sydney International Photo Exhibition and the Prix de la Photographie Paris. She has also been a finalist and runner up on several other occasions, including a double finalist in the Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year competition in 2016. Susan has contributed to Getty Images since 2013.

Shadows of Women by Rass Abbasi

June 02, 2017

How do politics, traditions or religious beliefs affect women and then the whole society? Merely by being born a girl, from birth she undergoes severe limitations from the educational and belief systems she is exposed 


Thanks to Metro Gallery, this is a part of the Shadows of Women project. It shows how women are covered by lots of unnecessary beliefs and how they lose their goals, thoughts and even identity, while focused on the feminine body. 


What made me focus on women’s lifestyles is that I saw that many of the young generation don’t believe in any of those limitations which governments and old traditions have forced upon them. But when they have the opportunity to escape, especially when they immigrate to a developed country, they are afraid and don’t get any encouragement to use this chance.

An Illuminated Compassion by Bruce Hanley

August 27, 2017

A Journey of Light through the Heart


I was once asked what my favourite colour was, Black I answered, because all other colours emerge from it and retreat back into it. It is the sum of all other colours. It provides a solidity to white, while allowing it freedom to move, to rest and to hang.

These images represent the journey of light that passes through the lens, the eye, travelling through the heart and is only then accepted by the release of the shutter.


All images have an illuminated quality, a particular point in the image that provides a focus for reflection within us all.

‘An Illuminated Compassion’ is an attempt to draw out the compassion in you, the viewer to the subjects presented here. An innocence present in yourself that you recognise within these chosen works.



For Dennis: My Illuminary


Illuminary: A 'guru', or an extraordinary teacher who illuminates wisdom at an advanced, yet relatable level which inspires others to discover and illuminate their own individual expertise.

A Collection of Fine Art NZ Landscape by Ben Campbell

June 24, 2017

Ben Campbell is a fine art photographer based in Auckland, New Zealand.​

Having completed a diploma in contemporary photography at Unitec, Ben started his own business at 21 years of age.​

Ben has won numerous awards for his photography including being named Mt Eden younger artist of the year, following that winning the sculptor category the year after. Ben was also named as a finalist for the junior category for photographer of the year at the canon media awards, a prestigious award ceremony celebrating the media industry.


For the past 4 years Ben has concentrated on honing his craft in fine art landscapes.
This year he plans to travel to Japan and Cuba to scout out and shoot some locations for upcoming exhibitions.

SIGMA - Amateur Photographer of the Year 2017

July 16, 2017

Sigma Amateur Photographer of the Year 2017.

D-Photo receives over many applications every year for this popular competition.

This year, there are 10 new categories joined by the well-established categories and sponsorship. These include:


  • ACTION - sponsored by Nikon KeyMission

  • AERIAL - sponsored by DJI

  • CREATIVE - sponsored by ProGear

  • JUNIOR - sponsored by SAE Institute New Zealand

  • LANDSCAPE - sponsored by Sigma

  • MACRO - sponsored by Tamron

  • MONOCHROME - sponsored by Ilford

  • PEOPLE - sponsored by Profoto

  • NATURE - sponsored by Epson

  • TRAVEL - sponsored by Nikon

Metro Gallery is proud to have the winning categories on display from 17th July to 31st July.

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